Stockade’s history and background in brewing

The founders of Stockade Brew Co, four brothers, in fact, have been brewing beer together since 2012. Marek, the oldest of the bunch, started out in Germany some 15 years ago when he started his brewery education there. It’s a long road for a German brewer in training, and it took him the better part of 10 years, ending with him becoming a Brew Master at the Weihenstephaner academy. After moving back to Australia, Marek basically shanghaied his brothers, Anton, Stefan, and Andre into the brewing business and together purchased an existing contract brewing facility and re-named it Brewpack. A few years later they launched Stockade Brew Co to critical and popular acclaim and have gone from strength to strength ever since.


Brewpack is now its own animal, absolutely pushed to the hilt at the current facility in Smeaton Grange, NSW. Stockade has managed to grow exponentially since its inception and have managed to develop over 2 dozen, wildly different, fully realised beers in less than 2 years. That’s to say every product they develop gets a full production run in both kegs and cartons with wicked art work to match.


Stockade’s brewing mantra It’s pretty simple for Stockade Brew Co; 1. brew what you want to drink 2. make it the way you want to 3. have it be a reflection of who you are.


And that isn’t about management or owners, it’s about the whole team. All of their best beer ideas come from the collective representation of their beer journey.


Stockade are operating 2 bars this weekend. If you haven’t already, head into the Stockade Beer Room, up towards the masterclass sessions. Inside, you can cool down with a cold fresh brew on tap, grab yourself some beers to take away or if you’re lucky and you happen to get there in between a Masterclass, get involved in their “beer + food” pairing sessions. Not to be missed! Outside, right up there behind the grass and near the entrance they’ve got 6 beers on tap including Duel + Chop Shop + The Sesh + 8bit + Hop Splicer + their latest limited release Reef. So what can you expect from the beers?


Duel; Duel takes a traditional lager and screws with the balance to provide a hops experience not common in most other lagers. It has a subtle floral, yet lightly spiced flavour with rich tropical fruit & citrus aromas. This brew has a full mouthfeel, bright nose & beautifully crisp finish. Order yourself a chicken or prawn pizza to go with this hoppy lager.


Chop Shop; Chop Shop packs a big punch of high hop flavours on a malt foundation. This pale ale is bright in colour, well balanced and full of classic American hops presenting an up-front tropical aroma. With a medium-bodied mouthfeel, this beer will leave you wanting more. The slightly sweet malt flavour compliments antipasto and hard cheeses, making Chop Shop the perfect beer for entertaining guests.


The Sesh; Brewed with a generous selection standout malts that leave a nutty, rich and spicy flavour. The malt complexity of this femme fatale has a clean, distinct, light citrus spice giving an unrivalled mouthfeel. This golden session ale perfectly compliments a fresh summer salad, oysters or a light seafood dish. 8bit; A big bitterness delivered with a high hop flavour, balanced by a sweet malt flavour. This IPA presents citrus and floral aromas on the nose and is a refresher all year round.


8bit; A big bitterness delivered with a high hop flavour, balanced by a sweet malt flavour. This IPA presents citrus and floral aromas on the nose and is a refresher all year round. 8bit IPA has aggressive hop aromas and caramel malt flavours. Best served up with crispy skin dishes, so try a crispy chicken burger with caramelised onions.


Hop Splicer; Stockade have spliced the best of an XPA with grapefruit undertones, allowing the zesty flavours to show through every sip. Hop Splicer presents subtle hop flavours & a slightly bitter-sweet citrus hit. This XPA has the addition of grapefruit making it a truly refreshing, easy-drinking beer. Try pairing this dish with grilled fish and a zesty salad with citrus dressing.


Reef; A sun tan ale brewed specifically, so it bursts with coconut aroma combined with a lime character imparted by the Taiheke hops, Reef is a Summer refresher meant to invoke classic beach nostalgia. Beers & burgers are a given for this suntan ale. Or if you’re feeling festive and want something sweet, whip up a true-blue Aussie Summer pav.




Beer and food go together like batman and robin. You can have one without the other, but the whole experience is just 10 times better when you’ve got them together. Food is a huge part of Stockade’s world. They LOVE food. Ranging from the juiciest burger you’ve ever seen - and if you’ve seen their Instagram feed, they’ve tried quite a few, to the most delicate Reblechon cheese. They’ve tested and tasted a crazy amount of dishes with their beers. Between every masterclass session this weekend, Stockade will be holding a beer & food pairing class in the Stockade Beer Hall. The theme…? SAVOURY, SWEET, BITTER, SOUR - what beers pair best. 


Stockade’s guide to the best of beer and food, what are the main beer ingredients, how to really taste the flavours in beer, how to choose the perfect beer style to compliment your dish.




The Stockade Brew Co Beer & Food Pairing Masterclasses aren’t just for the beer nerds or #InstaFamous foodies. They’re for anyone who loves great, hand crafted beers, fine (& not so fine) foods, and wants to know more about why they’re just so damn good together.


Beginning with a background of Stockade and their beers, you’ll learn about how they’re made, and why they love throwing all the extra stuff they do into them to create their unique taste sensations. Not all beers are created equal, and that’s definitely the case with Stockade’s range of hand crafted beers. Savour the flavours of some of Stockade’s brews and learn which kinds of foods they pair best with and why.


WARNING: You will leave with a thirst for beer and a whole new appreciation for beer/food pairing! Lucky, the Stockade crew have a bar set-up to fulfil your beer desires!