Why do you charge entry fees?

While we would to offer the Brewers Feast experience for free, festivals have a range of costs, whether it’s hiring the venue, contracting security, paying bands and artists for performances or feeding the volunteers. 

We also understand the question “why would I pay $X when I could go to  X bar or X craft brew bar and get 3 beers for that price”. It’s true, you could go to the local, sit in the usual spot and drink the same beers that are always on tap, just like you could save $20 by watching a movie at home or save $100’s by watching the concert on your TV but that’s not living the experience is it? See Brewers Feast is about exploring more than the ‘norm’, it’s about sampling, sipping and savouring standard, rare and festival beers with great friends at one of Melbourne’s most scenic locations. 

Can children come?

Yes children are welcome, Children 15 and under are free, 15 to 17 year olds are $20.
Please note that children must be accompanied by an adult at all times, even if they are 17 years old they cannot wander around by themselves, as this is a fully licensed event.
Note that there are limited number of tickets for Children, please contact us at info@brewersfeast.com.au for instructions on how to secure Children tickets.

Can Pets come?

We suggest you leave fur babies in the care of others or at home as the event can be noise with live music and people wandering around the festival.

Sorry you can’t. This is a fully catered event. There will be a range of food, coffee, and free water available. We are ensuring there are many food stalls that cater for special dietary requirements. Please don’t bring any food on the day as it will be confiscated.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Absolutely, make yourself comfortable! You can bring picnic rugs and deck chairs. Please be mindful of placement though and settle in away from crowd routes… we want everyone to be able to taste any beer they fancy!

Can I bring my own seating?

What if it is going to be a wet day?

We’re here for beers sunshine or rain! If it’s a wet day we recommend bringing a rain jacket for protection as you hop between the brewers and large umbrellas. 
All brewers have marquees which offer some protection from the rain. We also have a number of market style umbrellas to huddle under. 
In the case of rain we say embrace the experience and protect that beer from the rain! Knowing Melbourne’s weather it’ll be sunny in about 30 minutes, an hour or two at most!

Is there public transport to the festival?

Sure is! There are a few options to get to the festival via public transport.

Check out all your options here