Located at the Abbotsford Convent, Brewers Feast is a craft beer festival showcasing the best Australian craft beer, food and live music.


Brewers Feast is sure to excite those who enjoy great food, craft beer, cider and live music. Showcasing the best Australian craft beer and cider, there is a unique opportunity to pair standard and rare craft beers with a range of mouth-watering food options.


The festival starts off with the last supper, a multi-course dinner of gourmet food paired with great craft beers. Our experts will be putting together a combination that will give your taste buds a new experience!


The Saturday craft beer and food festival and Sunday Chill Out festival will see the historic Abbotsford Convent come alive with a great line-up of live music, keeping you entertained while you explore the great food, craft beer and cider in the sunshine with friends and family.


Brewers Feast is a session free festival, allowing you to soak up all the festival has to offer.


Throughout the day there will be craft beer education, exploring the tastes and flavours of beer pairing with spirits, cheese and many more unique foods. Don't miss out on the first craft beer festivals of Summer!


Working alongside award-winning craft breweries, chefs and food operators here at Brewers Feast we only use the finest ingredients, that are locally grown and sourced. Our aim is to support small business and grow the craft beer scene while delivering an amazing experience of beer, food and live music to every single person who visits the Brewers Feast Festival.